WATCH: Pro kayakers take on 35-foot waterfall in a TANDEM kayak!

If you are looking at one of our cheap kayaks for sale then we would advise that you don’t take it out and try something similar to what these whitewater, extreme athletes get up to in this recent video.



The adrenaline-filled action clip features Dane Jackson and Rafa Ortiz in a tandem kayak together paddling Class-5 whitewater before sending themselves off of a sizeable waterfall descent!

 The Little White Salmon, found in Washington State, America, is renowned for being one of the hardest and technically demanding Class V day-stretches in the United States. However, as we previously mentioned, when the water gets low this professional pair decide to turn up the heat by trying what many people wouldn’t even try in a single-person kayak, by paddling over the edge in a two-person tandem kayak.

 The video shows the pair – who are usually solo kayakers – getting off the rocky start that included a slight boat pin, before they get dialled into a rhythm and, as you would expect with these two big-boys of the kayak world, it’s not long before they’re riding the rapids out! That also including the mammoth 35-foot Spirit Falls drop they send themselves over.

 You can watch Dane Jackson and Rafa Ortiz take a 2 man kayak down one of the best whitewater runs in the world, here:


Video and image courtesy of Dane Jackson/YouTube.

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