Watch kayakers play extreme rock-paper-scissors

It’s pretty well known that rock-paper-scissors is the best way to settle something important, such as who gets to eat the last biscuit or whose turn it is to cook dinner.



But for extreme kayakers Nouria Newman and Dane Jackson, losing at rock-paper-scissors results in a bit more of an extreme consequence than having to cook a Shepherd’s Pie!

Newman is a French slalom canoeist who has competed since the late 2000s, winning medals at both the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships and the K-1 team event at the 2014 European Championships in Vienna.

Her opponent, Dane Jackson, is the son of an Olympic paddler and won pretty much every junior world title early on in his career. By 2011, he started winning pro-level contests like the Whitewater Grand Prix and the IFC Freestyle World Championships. This goes to show that both of them are pretty handy on the water!

Whilst taking a break from Sickline in Austria, one of the biggest annual kayaking competitions in the world, the pair took some time out to have a bit of fun daring each other with some challenges.

This included paddling blindfolded on the rapids, going down them backwards and chasing each other down the river – all decided with a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors.

The short video shows you what happens when the pair gave it a go, and demonstrates their kayaking abilities at being able to do the forfeits with such ease!

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend that customers looking to purchase our kayaks for sale give it a go for themselves, but it makes for good watching all the same.

Watch the guys in action in the video here.

Screenshot courtesy of Red Bull

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