Watch kayaker get towed across a lake by a drone

A fun video showing a kayaker getting towed across a lake has become popular online, and whilst we don’t sell drones we do have plenty of kayaks and canoes for sale, so get outdoors and create your own adventure!



Uploaded onto YouTube by Viva Frei the video shows the beautiful Canadian landscape in Quebec with blue azure waters and envy-inducing landscapes. If you have ever seen drone videos and wondered how much power they have behind them, this video may answer your questions.

The kayaker ties the drone to the front of his kayak and grabs hold of the controls. Whilst not reaching record breaking speeds (and that’s being kind!) it does show how powerful these machines are.

When you take into consideration the weight of the man and the kayak as well as the head wind they are going against, it’s quite remarkable he moved at all!

As with all new technology, drones are going to only get more powerful, they may even end up as part of your everyday kit.

Imagine long journeys when your arms turn to noodles, you can just pull the drone out and let the machine do the work for you! But then again, isn’t paddling all part of the fun kayak experience?

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