Video shows the benefits of inflatable SUP boards



What we love about our inflatable SUP boards is their sheer convenience, you can pack them up and take them wherever your next adventure may take you, no matter how small your ride!



In the blink of an eye you can have your board out of your Smart car and with a few pushes on the pump you’re ready to hit the water; whether that’s in the salt or freshwater.

That’s the beauty of inflatable SUP boards, they can be ridden literally everywhere; calm water paddles in frozen fjords, big wave surfing in the tropics and even city paddling such as The Thames in London. No matter where you are you can get out and about on a SUP (if you live in the desert, whip off the fins and use it as an oversized sandboard!) and the video you can watch below shows what you can do with an SUP when the landscape around you gets flooded.

The differently awesome video by Tis Nickske shows off his ingenuity to adapt to the notoriously wonderful British winter weather as he takes his inflatable SUP board for an exploration of his homeland after big tides and flood water caused flooding. It gave birth to a temporary new water world that an SUP is perfect for checking out!

When the weather takes a turn for the worse get your thinking hat on and find some new places to head out onto, it gives a strange feeling of adventure when SUP-ing in an area where it would usually be impossible.

Some key points to remember when seeking out new paddle ground is to remember the land may be private; no matter how fast you can paddle you won’t out run farmer Giles’s shotgun. You should also pay attention to your leash, if it isn’t too deep you may want to forgo it as it may become tangled on branches and debris. You can opt for a quick release leash if you prefer to sport one or you can tie a standard leash to your bicep, as this allows you to quickly release it if you get into any trouble.

Have fun on your new adventures and stay safe!

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