UK now has 1 million water sports enthusiasts!

Water sports have long been a popular option for those looking to keep fit and enjoy memorable adventures galore, but now a new research study carried out by The Watersports Participation Survey has confirmed there are a whopping 996,000 water sports enthusiasts in the UK!



The crux of the enthusiasts is made up mainly of surfers, bodyboarders and stand up paddle boarders (SUP), with the data from the study revealing nearly two percent of the entire population in British took to the water in 2015, confirming a rise of as many as 388,078 people compared to 2014!

Research was fixated mainly on 12 ‘core’ boating activities. The 12 included canoeing, rowing/sculling, yacht racing, yacht cruising, power boating, general motor boating/cruising, canal boating, small sailboat racing, other small sailboat activities, windsurfing, water skiing and wakeboarding, and finally, using personal watercraft.

Furthermore, the data cited that 3.2 million UK adults took part in one or more of the boating activities mentioned in the core group. Canoeing was confirmed as the most popular water sport in the UK, with a healthy 1.4 million participants.

Additionally, The Watersports Participation Survey 2015 has highlighted that British water sports activity participation has profited from a growth in popularity over the previous four years, and with increasing access and facilities it is not looking to slow down any time soon.

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