Two kayakers set to embark on 266 journey for charity

Kayaking can be a source of exercise, a hobby, a way of meeting new people, or in the case of two rowing novices, a way to raise money for charity.



Friends Louise Beswick and Jennifer Fox, are planning to kayak from Anderton Boat Lift to London to help a charity celebrate its 10th birthday as they are set to paddle more than 266 miles of canal and 187 locks on their journey to ‘Little Venice’ this coming September.

The water-faring pair are taking on the challenge as they look to raise money for Northwich charity The Joshua Tree. The charity is set up to offer support to families living with childhood cancer and aims to build a purpose-built support centre in Sandiway.

 Louise, 30, told local newspaper the Northwich Guardian: “At the pub we had started doing things for The Joshua Tree and I know how important what they do is.

 “We have a two-year-old, Noah, and God forbid if anything was to happen but it’s important to know there’s people and a support network out there like The Joshua Tree.

 “Without people doing stuff to keep it going it won’t be there to support the families when they need it.

“It’s their 10th anniversary year and with them wanting to raise enough funds to break ground on the support centre this year I thought I should think of something insane and crazy to do and drag a friend along as well.

“We’ve both done a bit of kayaking but not to the point where you would think that’s a normal thing for us to do.

“I’m scared of open water and water in general but in a way I thought the children that The Joshua Tree helps get their childhoods taken away from them and have to go through a scary ordeal.

 “If I do something getting involved with one of my phobias then it’s a little bit of solidarity.”

Jenny, 24, added that she has spent time kayaking while on holiday previously and she is the one of the pair who does enjoy the water!

Jenny added: “I used to swim for Northwich so I’ve always been a swimmer, I like water and I thought this would be a good challenge.”

The two women will embark on their challenge on 1 September and Louise has estimated that the journey will take around 10 and 12 days.

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