Two guys are kayaking from the Caribbean to Miami

Will McCreadie and George Parry must be gluttons for punishment, as they are currently embarking on a gruelling 2,000-mile trip from Grenada to Miami, via kayak!



The two men started their Golden Arc Expedition on October 1st and are aiming to reach the mainland of the United States by sometime in December. The purpose of their trip is to raise money and awareness of the Get Exploring Trust.

The trust is something they established to award small and medium grants, which allows “people from all backgrounds to get into the outdoors, to test themselves in different environments, and to push their limits.”

The pair are rowing without a support vessel and must rely on their own physical and navigational skills. At only 21 years of age, they face a variety of challenges including dehydration, heat exhaustion, sleep deprivation and whatever the weather will throw at them!

Couple this with the fact that they will be paddling for up to 30 hours non-stop, and you might get an idea of the size of the task at hand.

As of 9pm last night (25th October), the pair were located in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. As they continue their journey, they will stop in several Caribbean countries, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Caicos Islands.

Good luck to the lads it what looks to be a serious test of their paddling abilities! If you are looking to give kayaking a go for yourself, why not take a look at our selection of kayaks for sale and give it a go for yourself?

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