Thomas Oschwald to paddle over 300 miles on SUP

Next month, Thomas Oschwald will begin a rather incredible SUP journey, where he will paddle unsupported for 310 miles, in the middle of winter… In Norway!



Travelling from Tromsø to Nordkapp, his journey will take him around two weeks as he paddles through the Norwegian fjords.

Currently a teacher, Thomas is set to leave the confines of his hometown and venture out on a journey he hopes will challenge him day after day.

However, it won’t be an easy trip. Not only is it physically gruelling, but Oschwald’s journey will also coincide with the shortest day of the year. During this day, the sun will never rise above the horizon and the night will be so dark that he will have to use a headlamp throughout the whole day.

For security reasons, he has planned his route through the protected fjords where he will regularly come across small villages, meaning he can stop, warm up and stock up with provisions if necessary.

He will spend the nights in his tent, although he will be battling against an average night temperature of -5°C, but it doesn’t faze Thomas, with him saying: “As long as I have dry clothes, I will hardly get problems with the cold.”

Take a look at the short video below which showcases some of the conditions Thomas will be up against, as well as the beautiful scenery he will enjoy on his journey. If you are looking to start your own paddleboarding journey, why not take a look at the range of inflatable SUP boards we have for sale and get out on the water for yourself?


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