‘The Piece Prize’ sees Mark Fuhrmann kayak from Norway to Greece

Mark Fuhrmann is currently paddling a 3,480-mile solo kayak trip from Oslo in Norway to Athens in Greece, which will inspire you to buy a kayak from us and head out on your own adventure, albeit a much shorter one!

Mark has dubbed it “The Silent Heroes Tour,” and is doing the journey to promote peacefulness, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more peace in their lives?

The trip also sees Mark award humanitarian awards, called the ‘Piece Prize’, which will see people and organisations along the trip be awarded for an active involvement in making neighbourhoods, communities and cities more peaceful.

The first strokes of the kayak paddle were on the 1st of April 2017 from Oslo, where he paddled 186 miles to Gothenburg in Sweden; this proved to be the most treacherous part of his journey, so it’s a good job he got the cold weather and dangerous water out of the way first! He then went on to Copenhagen, Bremen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.

Mark relies mostly camping and sleeping wherever he can, with him meeting many helpful and hospitable people along the way, saying:

“Random people give me coffee when I paddle by, others have put me up for the night, washed my clothes, given me a bed and supper. Silent Heroes are normal everyday people who impact others in small ways. I have worked with over 400 students. Together, we have created smiles and happiness and not terror. We need the good stories.

“I have now paddled some 1800 miles and have had not one bad people experience. I have found that people care about other people regardless of race, religion and colour. People want to create better communities and many think global peace is out of reach for them. But, they believe that they can make a difference in their local communities of which this project is all about.”

This epic journey Mark has undertaken, is his effort to mend cracks within society, which has never been more apparent, by highlighting the humanitarian and remarkable efforts of individuals through his non-profit initiative, where he says:

“Humanitarian action should be driven by an understanding of what it is like for people in need. Kayaking has given me an understanding of dependency, isolation, worry, fear, hope and thankfulness. Kayaking is a unique solution or instrument to create a good story, thus able to promote the message that together we are better in the 15 cities I will visit.”

Mark has made terrific progress on his one-of-a-kind journey, and we wish him the best of luck for the rest of the journey which we will keep you updated on!

Watch the videos below to see more of this great trip before you buy a kayak and head out onto the water for yourself.

 Video courtesy of: The Piece Prize/Youtube

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