The Best Apps Kayakers Need to Download

We are told almost daily that technology is ruining our lives, but what the media neglects to let us know is how technology has made the outdoors more accessible. You no longer need to know how to use a map and compass for a quick hike, and there are even safety apps that sound an alarm if you don’t check in.

Met Office Weather Forecast (iOS and Android)

Know what the weather will be like on your kayaking trip with the most accurate and local weather forecast app from the Met Office. Key features include rainfall forecast for next 24 hours, checking real-time UK National Severe Weather Warnings for saved locations and rest of the UK and weather alerts. The app gives you the option to personalise your forecast, allowing you to save multiple locations.

My Tide Times (iOS and Android)

My Tide Times is a fantastic tide timetable, suitable for kayakers, surfers or fishermen. It supports over 9,000 tidal stations in over 30 countries including the UK; you can simply find the nearest location to you when you open the app. There are seven-day forecasts for all locations and basic wind speed information.

Kayak Planner (Android £0.89)

Kayak planner is an app that will help you plan for kayaking trips so you won’t forget anything! You can re-use it for every trip, and options to customise your list of items to bring. The app also allows you to sync with others, perfect for group kayaking trips with family and friends so that no one will be forgetting anything or leaving it behind!

Paddling Magazine (Android and iOS)

Paddling Magazine is the authoritative place for all things paddling, whether its kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding or whitewater. You can read gear and boat reviews, be inspired to seek new kayaking locations and find out about other paddlers adventures. This app is a great source of inspiration for beginners to the sport.

KayakLog (Android and iOS)

Use your smartphone like a logbook, as after you have finished your kayak trip, all logged data such as wind speed, temperature, duration and any photos taken are transferred to the KayakLog website, allowing you to share your kayak adventures with family and friends. You can also register up to three emergency contacts.

First Aid by British Red Cross (Android and iOS)

Safety is very important when kayaking and canoeing, and this app can give you information about what to do in an emergency. There are videos and step-by-step advice, meaning it has never been easier to know first aid, even if you are a novice. It is best to familiarise yourself with the app before heading out on a trip, so you can quickly use it. There are even quizzes, so you can test your knowledge too.

Are there any apps you use when kayaking or canoeing? We’d love you know – let us know via our social media channels! Meanwhile, if you need an upgrade on kayaks and gear, have a browse of our cheap kayaks for sale and more on our online shop!

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