Team of 6 make Paralympic canoe debut

A team of six canoers have qualified for the first ever ParalympicsGB canoe team for Rio 2016. This is the first time that canoeing has been included as a competitive sporting event in the Paralympics.



The long-awaited announcement was made yesterday as to who would make the Paralympic canoe team for Rio 2016 and here are the results;

Jeanette Chippington, previously a Paralympic swimmer, winning 12 medals over 5 consecutive games, Emma Wiggs, a participant of sitting volleyball, Nick Beighton, entering rowing in the 2012 Paralympics, and the final three are Anne Dickens, Ian Marsden and Rob Oliver. These three are a group from the British Canoeing Performance Program that have worked incredibly hard to make the team, they are all participating in the Paralympic Games for the first time and are incredibly excited to be a part of such a momentous event.

Emma Wiggs and Jeanette Chippington are currently on the ‘ones to watch’ list on the official Paralympics website within their field.

Chippington says: “I still cannot quite believe that after 12 years of being retired from competitive sport I will be representing my country for the sixth time at the Paralympic Games. I feel very honoured and excited to have made the team. For four years I have trained so hard and made many sacrificed, but most importantly I have enjoyed the journey.”

This announcement makes Great Britain one of only two countries with enough members for all 6 Paralympic canoeing events, with the second country being Australia.

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