SUP riders take on Lake Superior

So if you’ve bought one of the best inflatable SUP boards from us but the chilly temperatures are making it hard for you to find the willpower to get in the water, worry not, this article will provide you with the motivation to get out and about on your SUP.

We recently published an article on how to make the most out of your winter paddle sessions and if that wasn’t enough, this video of SUP riders will definitely push you to jump on your board. It shows Lake Superior in the US and paddling there in winter is as cold as it gets, making SUP-ing in the UK during the cold months seem like a relaxing paddle in Bali.

The Lake Superior crew have bucket loads of passion, a little bit of craziness and a good 6mm wetsuit and thick boots and gloves, with their stoke being infectious!

Lake Superior can produce really good waves that are created by low pressure storms and wind with not just SUP’s in the line-up but some high-level surfing as well. The video not only shows the waves on the lake but also some river SUP riding that provides the fun in the warmer months.

Lake Superior head honcho Jared Munch gives a little insight:

“SUP Surfing Lake Superior during the winter of 2015/2016. The video shows medium sized days of mixed conditions on the lake. This isn’t a place to come if you are looking to score epic surf and have ideal conditions, but it is a place to come if you want a unique experience and you’re not afraid to get cold. 6/5 and 5/4 suits are top choice, paired with 7mm booties and mitts.

“A combination of chop, little freshwater buoyancy, being cold, snow blowing into eyes, and ice buildup on the paddle make it extremely difficult, but extremely fun. With that said, a certain level of safety and surfer responsibility goes into paddling out in any cold-water conditions.

“The Lake Superior watershed offers many classic white-water rivers during the spring snowmelt and after heavy rainfall events. River water is stained brown with tannin from decaying plant matter. Though most rivers on the north shore are too steep and rugged for SUP, white-water kayakers and canoeists find waterfalls, big slides, and steep creeking.”

Watch the video below and jump in the water with one of the best inflatable SUP boards on the market from Canoe and Kayak Direct.


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