Six things to love about going out on a kayak

Once you have picked up one of our kayaks for sale you’ll be pleased to know that the UK offers a massive, yet often underrated, amount of various and superb locations and destinations that suit all abilities. To say we’re spoilt for choice is an understatement!

Kayaking is also a great way to stay in shape as well as discovering new places, so while we’re on the topic of why it is good for you, let’s enjoy just six of the things we love about this form of water sport so much:

Pick your ‘terrain’


Low impact exercise

You can race friends and learn tricks on calmer water, before heading into rapids and really testing your strength and fitness, but one of the big perks is definitely the fact that you can benefit from the non-impact sport of kayaking. Unlike impact sports such as running, which puts a lot of strain on joints and tendons, kayaking allows you to avoid the resulting ‘impact injuries’ that occur.


Fresh air

Assisting as one of the main factors in fuelling you on your kayaking trips, the air in locations that are prevalent with the presence of trees, shrubs and other plants is especially good for you, and is often something that can be seen near water you can go paddling on.

Also, scientific research has highlighted how fresh air can be an aid to living with less stress and feel better in yourself overall if enjoyed frequently in open outdoor spaces.


 Time is yours

Another of our favourite aspects of kayaking is that you have the chance to fully appreciate the beautiful surroundings you are being treated to.

Additionally, you can truly make the most of soaking up the little things; local wildlife and nature, for example. This might not suit everyone, as for some, you may well want to get stuck into a super quick paddle session and get a real workout, but for the casual kayaker, travelling at a reduced pace allows you to source out some interesting points in your surroundings that you’d otherwise have missed. You never know, you might find a different route to go down for the next time you’re out on the water.


You’ll meet new people

We may be a tad biased but we think kayakers are some of the nicest and welcoming bunch of people you can meet! We think it’s to do with all the time they spend outside, enjoying the suns rays and the tranquil sounds of the water.

Consider joining a local kayak club, they have a thriving social scene and attract members of all ages and interests so you’ll widen your circle of friends considerably.

It’s adrenaline-fueled fun

What makes kayaking such an appealing water sport is its ability to appeal to a wide spectrum of people, from those wanting a gentle paddle to those wanting a dose of adrenaline fuelled fun. For thrill seekers there is nothing more exciting than strapping yourself into a kayak and battling against whitewater rapids, you may even come across a waterfall or two!

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