Six of the best paddling snacks

Paddling trips are a lot of fun, but they can be very tiring. The last thing you want to happen is you run low on energy mid-paddle and then struggle to make it back to shore.

Below, we have taken a look at six healthy snacks packed full of energy, which are perfect for your next paddling trip, keeping you bursting with energy on our canoes for sale.


Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana 

This is a great snack which helps give you carbohydrates, fibre and protein to keep you going. You will probably want to prepare these before you head out, so you are not taking up too much space with the different components. You could also swap out the peanut butter for another type of nut butter if you would prefer.



Super easy to prepare, wraps are a great way of loading calorie dense and nutrient filled foods together while minimising packaging and the need for utensils. Try and stay clear from rich meats and instead load it full of vegetables, dips and cheese.


Energy balls

Energy balls are great for paddling trips, as they can pack a lot of calories, fibre and protein into a small package. Just throw a handful into a small container and break them out for a quick floating snack.


 150g oatmeal

110g peanut or almond butter

75g cup chocolate chips

75g cup honey or maple syrup

75g cup soaked dates

50g cup shelled hemp seeds

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp salt

Put all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend for about 10 seconds, until all of the ingredients are mixed together but not too fine. Remove from the processor and roll into small balls. Place on a plate in the fridge for 1-2 hours and you’re good to go.


Throw-together platter


Trail mix

You could try creating your own using a selection (or all of!) the ingredients below:


Goji berries

Brazil nuts

Yogurt-covered raisins

A dark chocolate bar cut into pieces

Dried mango

Roasted almonds

Dried apples

Chocolate-covered peanuts

You can pretty much add in anything you want here, but you’ll want to balance it so it’s not overloaded with chocolate items and still offers you some good nutritional value.


Dehydrated yoghurt

Dehydrate it at 135 degrees F for around seven hours, and when it is done the yoghurt should peel off the paper easily. You can pack it in a plastic bag in pieces, and rehydrate it with water when you are out paddling. Alternatively, you can blend some fruit and yoghurt together, dehydrate it and enjoy it like fruit jerky!

Simple and easy to prepare, these snacks will keep you going when you’re out on the water, and if you are in the market for some new equipment, don’t forget to take a look at our range of canoes, kayaks and SUP boards for sale on our website.

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