Seal hops onto a woman’s kayak to play!

Kayaking provides an amazing adventure through the waters on a daily basis, however, this kayaking trip granted a woman and her friends a once in a lifetime chance to experience an encounter with a very friendly seal!



Whilst out paddling with three of her friends in Vancouver, Karen Mikado spotted a cute little seal trying to hop aboard the end of her kayak. Once up, it just sat for a while, taking in the views and having a little rest before jumping onto the other kayaks in their group like it was a fun little game.

“He jumped up on all four of our kayaks. He just kept going from one kayak to the other,’ commented Karen Mikado, one of the kayak occupants. “I thought OK, I’m going to take a selfie. I call it a ‘sealfie’. It was adorable, so adorable, and a really fun experience.”

“I was a little freaked out at first, I didn’t know what he wanted when he jumped right on the front of my kayak. He wasn’t that big so when he got on it, it kind of rocked our boat a little but not too bad, he was adorable and my friend named him Chester.” She added.

The seal that they encountered is thought to just be a young pup, in that particular area of waters, it is common to see seals around, however, a man from the Deep Cove Kayak Centre noted that it ‘is pretty unique and rare’ to have a seal hop up onto your kayak. Although they have seen an increase in activity over the last few weeks, with the seals often following kayakers around and playing in the water around them – amazing!

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Screenshot: Quinn Campbell/Global News

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