Record amount of women competing in the Olympic games

This year sees record numbers of women competing in the Olympic Games in Rio, with the Australian majority being made up of females!



The sporting world has long been dominated by men, however the tables are now turning and the Olympics is seeing a stronger 50/50 divide between the genders. This is prevalent through many of the teams worldwide, particularly with the Australian team who has, for the first time, seen the greater majority of women participating this year in comparison with the males!

“Gender balance has been something that has been incredibly important in the Olympic movement, and particularly to Australia” Olympic Chief Executive, Kitty Chiller, commented at a Rio conference this week.

“It is elite competition just as much as the male has been over time. It’s about time that the female athletes were given the credit and recognition and the accolades that they so richly deserve.”  She added.

This year’s summer statistic for the games sit at 50.6% female to 49.04% male, which is incredibly nearly a dead on divide!

This increase in female participation in sports such as canoeing, and rowing in the Olympics has become an inspiration to other young athletes, as well as encouraging others to give a new sport a try and go for gold, whether in local competitions or mass-scale events such as the Olympics!

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Image: EDVCC under Creative Commons

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