Quick-thinking kayaker saves Benguela dolphin by carrying him back to the water

A Namibian kayaker and his swift reactions meant the life of a baby Benguela dolphin found beached on the shore at his local beach was saved, recently.

On Wednesday morning (8th June) Naude Dreyer, who is the proprietor of his own sea kayaking business in Walvis Bay, Namibia, along with his wife Katja, was filmed precariously handling the baby mammal as he carefully carried the dolphin back down to the water and into safety again.

It is still not known as to how the dolphin, who is a juvenile male, came to be on the beach, but one thing’s for sure is that he’s back where he belongs now!

After a few moments of getting his bearings, the dolphin’s tail started wagging and off he went.

The original video was posted to Pelican Point Kayaking’s Facebook page and included the following message from the owner, Naude.

‘After a quick assessment and measurements, I attempted to get him swimming again.’

‘I was not very hopeful, but as soon as he got into water and realized where he was he took off like a bullet.’

 “I’ll do a drive past the same area again later just to make sure he hasn’t returned again.’

 You can watch the video of the quick-thinking kayaker saving the dolphin, here:

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 Video & Image courtesy of BREAKING NEWS/YouTube.

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