How to properly care for your stand up paddleboard

Keeping a board in good condition will help to prolong its lifespan and maintain its value should you ever come to a time when you look to sell it.



There are a few simple ways you can keep your board in good condition and show it some love all year round so it looks after you out on the water. Follow our guide and make sure your board stays seaworthy for years to come:

Proper storage

Make sure you store your board in a cool place, out of the sun. If it is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, it can cause the inside foam core to melt, causing it to bubble in places or even making it warm.

Of course, you could opt for an inflatable SUP board, which you can fully deflate and store in the backpack which comes with it, removing the need for a special storage area.

Board bag

You might want to look at buying yourself a board bag and travel with it in the bag to stop it from getting damaged. However, you should remember to never put the board in the bag when wet.


If you use your board in salt water conditions, make sure you rinse the board with fresh water after each use. Make sure you rinse out the auto air-vent with clean water when you are washing the board, to keep the salt water from crusting up the system.

Make sure it’s dry

You should never put away a wet board, especially if you live in a cold climate. If you store a wet board, any water caught inside could freeze, causing the board to expand when it thaws out again.

Wipe it down

After you use your paddleboard, be sure to wipe it down with a towel. Any sand or other debris stuck on the board can result in scratches, especially if you have multiple boards not in bags and stacked on top of each other.

Fix any dings

Small bumps and dings on your board are inevitable, but you need to ensure you repair them as soon as you notice them. This will stop water from leaking into the centre of the board, causing it to become waterlogged and less buoyant. There are many videos on YouTube which show you how to repair dings on your board, but if you are in any doubt, seek professional help.

Treat it well

Finally, you should give you board a bit of love and make sure you treat it well – taking it out on the water and enjoy yourself to the max is the best way to do this!

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