Pokémon GO sparks an interest with kayakers

As you may have heard, a new Pokémon game has recently been released for smart phones and the world has gone absolutely mad for it! People have even started taking trips out on their kayaks to take a hold of hidden gyms in the middle of their local lakes and ponds!



The aim of the game is fairly simple, you have to get up and walk around your local area with the app in your hand looking for Pokémon to capture. The app works with a google GPS system, tracking your movements and showing you which little creatures are nearby. The Pokémon are hidden all over the world with around 155 to collect by throwing your ‘Pokéball’ within the app the aim being of course, ‘gotta catch ‘em all’. This new phenomenon is quite creative, utilising your phone’s camera to show the Pokémon in your actual surroundings, for example, hidden in a tree, or under your desk at work, or sat on someone’s head!

You can then train your little pocket monsters and eventually let them fight at gyms. These fights can result in taking over a gym and essentially owning the spot. This is where the kayaks have begun to emerge. People have been taking the opportunity granted by the apps adventure features to get out and about in their kayaks to succeed within the game! Hidden in far out places are often rare water Pokémon such as Gyarados, and of course these ‘gyms’ and ‘PokeStops’.

Pokémon GO really has sparked an incredible amount of interest, overtaking the dating app Tinder within its first few days alone and it is predicted to soon take over in the downloading charts over Twitter also! It really is amazing how a phone app is encouraging people to actually go outside and explore, people have commented that this is the most exercise that they have done in years and are actually really enjoying it!

The game, Pokémon GO has not officially been released in the UK, however is currently available in the US and Australia and New Zealand, a UK release is expected within the next two weeks.

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 Image: BagoGames under Creative Commons.

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