Be a part of I Am Team GB this bank holiday weekend

With the Olympics now over, the Team GB athletes who have dedicated their lives to training and competing in the events, will hop about flights from Rio to London to return with their faces full of glory.



As they return home however, their journey is not yet over, as they prepare to take park in a nationwide I Am Team GB event, encouraging youngsters to take part in sporting events and inspiring the young athletes with their very own selection of gold, silver and bronze medals.

Noted as ‘The UK’s biggest-ever sports day’, the I Am Team GB programme will host a total of 14 sporting parties across the country, encouraging people to hop off the sofa and try out some of the sporting activities available in an area nearby!

The attendees of these monumental parties will even include some of the fantastic Olympic athletes that have competed over the last 15 years in Athens, London and Rio, including 2004, double gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes who commented “Medals breed more medals, once you start having champions, people become interested in sports they’re never even watched. Suddenly, you go ‘actually that might be something for me’.”

The event locations around the country include:

Manchester, Leeds, Coventry, London, Cardiff, Bath, Aberdeen, Northern Ireland, Glasgow and Penrith. With each location providing something a little different, such as free canoe and kayaking events, fun runs, swimathons and much more all waiting, so why not take a look and see if a location near you is running one of these wonderful I Am Team GB events this bank holiday weekend? Maybe it will inspire you to take a look at our sit in kayaks for sale!

Image: Edward Webb under Creative Commons

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