Paddleboarding with your Dog

Taking your canine companion on paddleboarding adventures throughout the UK can provide memories for both you and your dog. Before taking your dog on a paddle boarding adventure there are a few things to consider.

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First, you will need to be confident in the water before taking your dog out to ensure no unfortunate accidents occur. This includes getting your dog comfortable in the water as not all dogs take to water naturally. Once you know your dog is comfortable with water you can start to introduce your dog to your paddleboard.

An easy method for getting your dog comfortable is to keep the board in the house for a week to allow your dog to get used to it. Training will have to occur such as teaching your dog to get on and off the board with certain commands. Over time increase the duration of time your dog has on the board to ensure progress is made. It is advised that treats are given out to ensure the dog does not lose interest. Once your dog is comfortable at sitting in the right spot for a length of time you can start to implement other commands such as ‘sit’ ‘stay’ and ‘lie down’. These will be the basic instructions you will give your dog when paddleboarding.

Essential Gear

It is essential that your dog has certain equipment to ensure a safe yet exciting adventure. Make sure you and your dog wear buoyancy aids that fit in case any difficulties occur on the water, no matter how good of a swimmer you or your dog is. Poo bags are also necessary as you may struggle to find places to dispose of these during your adventures. All items taken when paddleboarding can be stored in a dry bag.

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Top Tips

dog sup paddleboard

It is highly recommended to not have your dog on a leash when paddleboarding. This is because if your dog falls in, the leash could end up strangling your dog. Also, giving your dog a quick walk before hand could calm them down before you take them on your paddleboard adventure. Try not to go paddleboarding for long periods of time without giving your dog a little break on land for a stretch of their legs and for them to do their business.

On the Water

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Keeping calm is essential when first introducing your dog to paddleboarding. This is because dogs can understand human emotions very well and will respond to how you react on the water- if you are panicking, your dog will also. Start off with small adventures when first paddleboarding and give them plenty of praise when they behave. Being patient with your dog is key, but once they are comfortable on the water you will never want to leave them at home when you go on your adventures.

Most importantly remember to have fun and take lots of pictures!!

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  1. Kim Proven on September 10, 2022 at 1:47 pm

    I have been researching paddleboarding with pets as more of our guests have been doing from our lochside location and others would like to try. Great advice which should not date. This will not be straight forward for all dogs however a step by step guide and approach reference helps them try safely, Thank you

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