Overcoming the challenges of disabilities in a kayaking mission

Having overcome many of the challenges that come with a disability, Ben Bostock will be taking part in a new physically demanding challenge, kayaking around the Welsh coastline on a fundraising mission.



Having suffered with Cerebral Palsy for all of his life, Ben’s coordination has been affected, however, he says that in the water he does not find this an issue. He is confident that alongside his life-long friend Tom Clark, they will be able to complete the 15-day challenge across the Welsh coastline, and raise a staggering £10,000 for Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre in Wales, providing therapy for children with cerebral palsy. They both wanted to give back to a cause that had already done so much to improve Ben’s life, as well as to help the future of others.

“Disability has played a big role in my life, especially with my approach to challenges. Embrace your challenges, use them as a chance to find and test your abilities and ask yourself ‘What can I do?’ rather than saying ‘This is why I can’t’”, Ben commented.

The pair will begin their journey on August 27th from Anglesey, travelling approximately 30-miles a day and ending in Cardiff. During their journey, other kayakers are expected to join them for shorter lengths of the journey, providing both support and encouragement on their journey and helping them to raise their generous target!

Ben added “The thing that ultimately makes the biggest difference to someone with a disability is their own attitude to life and the attitude of those around them. Everyone in life has strengths and weaknesses and someone with a disability is no different.”

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