All you need to know about National Fishing Month

The third week of July marks the start of a month dedicated to fishing and all that is associated with it!

Predominantly offering unique opportunities for promotion and protection of the sport of angling, there are also a number of other areas in which National Fishing Month is used to benefit the legacy of this age old pastime.

Below you can see some of the key areas that this event looks to increase awareness of:

  • Informing the general public about the economic, social and environmental benefits of angling.

  • Increasing the number of people getting involved in the sport.

  • Helping to influence decisions in regards to access, environmental policy and wildlife management so that they take the importance of angling into account.

  • Improve diversity amongst anglers to counter any perception that it is exclusively a male, white, able-bodied only pursuit.

What is National Fishing Month all about?

Essentially, the event is a celebration of the sport of angling. All over the country qualified coaches give their time to welcome newcomers to this much-loved sport that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including angling from dry land, in kayaks, canoes, and even on inflatable SUP boards!

There is set to be a whole host of events that have been organised up and down the UK to highlight to people who’ve never fished before how to do it. If you are keen to find out more and finding out how you can fish, whether that be sea fishing, coarse fishing, or river fishing, then now is the ideal time to speak to an expert and discover all the information you need.

What’s happening?

As of this Friday (July 22nd) right through until August 29th, there will be a plethora of locally organised angling events in the hundreds offering non-anglers the chance to be taught how to fish. For more information on this you can head on over to and find out all sorts of additional knowledge before you cast a line of your own.

You can look forward to a wealth of organisers on hand to talk to you, from angling clubs, to tackle shop owners!

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