National Go Paddling Week 2019

For all the seasoned kayak and canoeing enthusiasts out there, this week (25th May – 2nd June) has most likely been marked on your calendar for a while now but for those new to the sport or just looking for something fun to do – here are a few ways you can make the most of your passion for paddling this week:

Get your friends together

If there is ever a time to enjoy a water sport together, it’s this week! Do you usually paddle solo? Why not invite some friends or family out on the water with you who have not tried paddling before or who have always wanted to get into it? It will be an opportunity for you to reminisce on all the things you love about the sport whilst encouraging someone new to give it a go. If you are more into SUP than kayaking, be sure to check out our Family SUP – Brand new for 2019 and large enough to carry two people, it will bring hours of fun.

Join a club

New to the sport? Or just wanting to achieve a little more when out on the water? Finding your local canoe, kayak or SUP club is a brilliant way to get involved during Go Paddling week. Not only will you learn some valuable lessons to take with you when you head out solo, you will meet other like-minded people passionate about your sport too. Canoeists, finding your local club has never been easier thanks to British Canoeing, just type in your post code and reach out to see whether you can join in the fun.

Try something new

Are you stuck in a rut with your paddling habits? A capable kayaker but never quite daring enough to venture into SUP? This week is the week for testing your limits and venturing into new territory. Just think – a year from now you’ll wish you started today!

Find an event near you

This leads us on to finding events to participate in. Go Paddling week has a great website dedicated to days out, competitions and festivals related to paddle sports. All you need to do is visit the site to search for an event. If you want to get super involved and start your own event, why not contact any local clubs and pitch your idea to them! You never know, it may become an annual tradition that all will look forward to.

Plan a longer trip

Finally, if you are feeling more inclined to book a personal trip – be it solo or with a group of friends, now should be the push you need to get the plan in gear! Take your canoe up to the lochs or brave that white water trip you’ve been desperate to try. If you are truly new to the sport and need to purchase your boat or SUP beforehand, check out our full range here. There really is something for everyone, helping you to get out on the water in the easiest way possible.

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