Man Quits Job and Kayaks Mediterranean Sea…. With his Dog

A man who lived his life with adventure at heart was held back by his job, so he decided to hand his notice in and soon after, set off to kayak his way around the Mediterranean Sea. But he didn’t make the whole trip alone.



Sergi Basoli, originally from Barcelona, quit his job as an engineer, paving the way for him to kayak across the beautiful waters and rest on the golden sandy beaches for a total of three years so far, but has said he has absolutely no intention of giving up his new adventurous lifestyle any time soon.

Along with pet pooch Nirvana, they have totalled 3,106 miles in just a kayak, making countless friends en route, and a lot of Sergi’s inspiration came as a result of watching Indiana Jones films!

Sergi set off for his new life at sea in 2013, after having bought a cheap kayak, before leaving the Olympic Harbour of Barcelona and weaving his way around some of the world’s most awe-inspiring coastlines.

Sergi did not begin his travels with any company, but picked up a new crew member 12 months in; the adopted dog we mentioned, named Nirvana, who reached notable fame with her own hashtag on Instagram as SailorDog.

Sergi said: ‘I found Nirvana in Alghero, Sardinia. She was in the middle of the street, confused, a bit ill, and with much fear. But happy to have met someone.’

Basoli mentioned that his new pal Nirvana needed a bit of time to adjust to their sea-faring existence.

He said: ‘She doesn’t like the long crossings, but neither do I. We are happy to arrive on land.

‘She now jumps up on the kayak every time I pull it from beach to water and she has a jacket in case of wind and the risk of getting wet.’

Sergi manages to pay for his inexpensive but exotic and exploratory way of life by transforming shells into rings, necklaces and earrings for people to buy as presents and souvenirs. Sergi only spends about €200 a month, about £157, which he spends on food, and is prepared on a small, portable, self-made stove stored at the front of his kayak to accompany the fresh fish he catches with nothing but a line, hook and bait.

The sea-faring inseparable pair like to take the journey as it comes, by travelling anything between six and 18 miles per day, depending on the conditions of the sea on that day.

There are few possessions aboard the kayak, as you’d expect with the limited amount of space Sergi has, but he does have a phone, in case of an emergency… not to check Facebook like many of us do!

Image courtesy of sergibasoli/Instagram.

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