Looking after your SUP this summer

There’s nothing better than getting out on your paddleboard in the sunshine. However, it’s important to be careful in the heat and ensure you look after your SUP and store it correctly to prevent damage. Follow the tips below on how to protect your board:

Looking after your SUP this summer

Protect your board in high temperatures:

It is important to check your paddleboards recommended PSI and to avoid getting too close to the maximum inflation point, especially when using an SUP in high temperatures. When you have finished using your board in the water, do not leave it exposed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Leaving your board out in the sun can cause the heat inside the board to expand which significantly increases the PSI. If this happens, the board may warp or the seams could break. In this instance you will also invalidate your manufacturers warranty as it is damage caused due to over-inflation beyond the recommended PSI.

If you are planning to transport your board via a roof rack on a hot day, we recommend inflating the board to just half it’s recommended PSI until you reach your destination. Regularly check your board throughout the day. If possible reduce the pressure after each use to ensure it does not become over inflated due to the heat. If you do not have a suitable place to store the board out of sunlight, for short periods you can leave the board partially submerged in water to reduce the heat. The board will most likely be safe in the water because the cooler temperature of the water will help balance the internal pressure.
Looking after your SUP this summer

Keep your board clean:

There is nothing better than getting out on a warm sea with your paddleboard, however salt water can be damaging to your SUP and should be rinsed off with fresh water after every use. Salt water is corrosive to the materials of your paddleboard so be sure to bring a bottle of fresh water with you to give it a thorough clean down.

If your board has a removable fin, take this off after each use and clean thoroughly with fresh water. Make sure to do this in particular if your board and paddle are sandy as this can lead to discolouration if left for prolonged periods.

Avoid using any chemical cleaners, if you have a tough stain that is not removed by fresh, cool water then try to purchase a cleaner which is suitable for PVC & EVA to ensure your board will not be damaged.

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