Laird Hamilton shows what can be done on an SUP


Legendary waterman Laird Hamilton is one of the world’s best SUP riders. In this video, he shows what tricks can be pulled off on boards like the inflatable SUP boards at Canoe and Kayak direct.

Laird was one of the first people to start riding a stand up paddle board after he was teaching his daughter to surf on a 12 foot paddle board, after their sessions he would stay in the water on the oversized board by himself and realised his rides didn’t have to end, he would simply stay stood up on the board and let the gentle sea breezes push him to shore, he then picked up a paddle and there was no looking back!

We found the following passage from the man himself and we think he explains the appeal perfectly:

“Paddleboarding is like walking on water. Standing atop a board in the middle of the ocean, you see everything from sea life to the coastline and across the channel. Having that sweeping expanse in front of you, you just want to go exploring. I found myself tackling new manoeuvres, exploring different bodies of water and learning tricks in both big and small surf that I had never done in all my year’s surfing. Paddleboarding offered this different kind of freedom.

As I started doing it exclusively, I noticed my body getting stronger. Like swimming, paddle boarding is an all-body workout. It strengthens your core and stabilisation system, requiring your connective tissue to generate power through your hands and out your feet.”

He’s known for pushing the boundaries in the water, whether that’s surfing mountainous walls of water at big wave spots such as Jaws and Teahuppo or windsurfing from one Hawaiian island to another.

When it comes to riding an SUP it’s no different, watch the video below to see some incredible tricks that can be pulled off on an SUP.

Photo by: Jai Mansson

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