Kayaker completes epic South America trip


A kayaker with a thirst for travel has paddled his way through South America on the trip of a lifetime that will spur you on to grab one of our white water kayaks for sale and seek out your own adventure.

Kayak enthusiast Andrew Morrissey started his adventure in the tropical climates of Brazil before ending his journey in the frigid temperatures of Patagonia, encountering every scenario you can imagine in between.

“Its been a long ride with many ups and downs but in the end, I’m beyond stoked with the outcome. 34 new rivers, 10 first descents, and many new lifelong friends. South America has provided the experience of a life time, I’ll be forever grateful and glad for all the long hours of work that paid for this adventure.”

“From the jungles of Brazil to the deserts of northern Chile then South down the country to deep Patagonia. Covering roughly 25,000 kilometres that were mostly on bumpy dirt roads. The struggles were definitely outweighed by triumphs. Here it is, a short highlight reel of my adventure, enjoy!” – Andrew Morrissey

You can start your own adventures on any one of our kayaks, the White Water Tourer is the optimum craft for true exploration, it has unbelievable turning abilities and is just as comfortable in fast moving rapids as it is on calm waters.

Another great feature of this kayak is its extra security, with a lockable bucket storage hatch ideal for keeping your essentials protected and dry, such as your camping gear, food and any other items, meaning there’s no excuse to hit the road, or should we say river, with your kayak and make your own memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out Andrew’s inspirational video below:

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