The kayak share – does it float your boat?

From yak fishing to kayak-pooling we’ve heard it all, but we really do think that this next creation is a winning ideal, the kayak share, letting you take a trip as short or long as you like with stops for you to return your kayak along the way!



The idea for this creation was inspired by the rental bike scheme available in London and other major cities, and why shouldn’t a fantastic scheme such as this be replicated with a kayak?

A place within Minneapolis is planning a very unique program, providing a fantastic service to those who wish to take advantage of the kayak sharing program. Offering the locals and visitors the opportunity to essentially rent a kayak, and take a trip down the Mississippi National River, and return it to one of the three stops along the way. This means that you could use this as a form of transport, missing out on any traffic, or you can choose a journey that meets your very needs in length and facilities, with the package including a kayak, paddle and life jacket.

By providing all you need in one simple package, you are free to explore the river as you please, seeing the sights of the stunning skyline without having to worry about how you will get your kayak to and from the location in a journey that in total can last around four hours, or less, depending on what kind of trip you fancy! Also a great idea for those who are a little more of a beginner, you can take a test ride before you buy!

The plans will be released later this month, and if it is deemed a success, the people behind the scheme hope to roll out this kayak sharing system to many other locations to get people out on the water to view the wildlife and wonderful nature whilst partaking in some light exercise.

Would you like to take an opportunity such as this to test the waters before you buy a kayak of your own? Maybe one day soon there will be an attraction like this in a town near you!

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