Kayak fishing could be the way forward for anglers

Ditching traditional fishing boats, anglers in Fargo are giving ‘yak’ fishing a go, in other words, fishing out of a kayak.



One of the main men on board with this trend is angler Chris Carlisle, he says that fishing in a kayak allows you to be more in tune with nature, and causes a lot less disruption to the local environment.

“The serenity you hear, the loons and ducks, and hearing the fish splash, it’s more personal,” Carlisle notes, adding that he feels a great sense of tranquillity to the trips.

Carlisle has also noted a very high success rate in his new found hobby, which is more affordable than traditional fishing, eliminating fuel costs and cumbersome journeys to and from the lakes. No need to take a trailer anymore, a kayak can be strapped to the roof of your car!

He and a small group of others form the competitive fishing team ‘Adventures on the Water.’ The growing group are very passionate about their journeys on the waterways and hope to spread the word further.

Chris has even taken this hobby a step further, by taking his GoPro equipment out to film his fishing adventures, he enjoys editing and uploading these videos to YouTube. So far he has around 100 videos online with over 1 million hits.

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Images: marcom66 under Creative Commons

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