Kai Lenny is taking SUP riding to the next level

Kai Lenny is a true waterman, not only does his name translate to Ocean in his native Hawaiian but he’s a multiple SUP world champion, SUP Race World Champion, 2013 Sup Wave World Champion, 2013 SUP Overall World Champion, 2013 Vice KSP Kiting World Champion, 2012 World SUP Race Champion and a 2012 Hawaii Island Finals SUP pro winner to name just a few!



He’s done the grueling 32-mile Molokai to Oahu paddle too many times to count, recently taking first place. Whether he’s kite boarding, windsurfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, big-wave surfing, or spear fishing in the water, Kai is pushing it and doing it well!

Growing up on the swell-rich northern shore of Maui as the son of ocean enthusiasts, he was surfing by the age of four and grabbed the paddle to an SUP by the time he was nine with windsurfing legend Robbie Naish and big wave guru Laird Hamilton passing on their priceless knowledge to the young Hawaiian, which is clearly evident in his surfing, no matter what it’s on!

He’s now considered to be one of the best water-men in the world and his SUP riding is considered to be some of the best in the world too. As long as he’s in the water Kai is happy saying;

“All of my sports are surfing based, my favourite thing in the world is riding a wave, so as long as I’m riding a wave, I’m happy.”

We’ve selected three of the best SUP videos of Kai below, so take some time out, relax and watch some of the most innovative SUP riding in the world, and don’t forget to visit Canoe and Kayak direct for the best inflatable SUP boards, perfect for your foray into the world of SUP’s… who knows, you could be the next Kai!

Photo by: HOCH ZWEI Photoagency GBR

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