How to Get Your Kids into Kayaking

Children and teenagers have a lot of energy and a short attention span, so finding an activity, you can do as a family can be tricky. The solution might lie in kayaking, as it is easy to learn, relatively safe and a lot of fun. If you go for sit on kayaks for sale or two person kayaks, then you can enjoy the water sport together.

Kids going kayaking

Where to Start?

Thankfully, the British Isles has a lot of water that is easily accessible, with canals, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and the sea being the water-based environments to go kayaking. Flat water locations are the best places to start, as the calmer surface is good for beginners. Regarding kayaks, buy sit on kayaks so if they capsize or get into trouble on the water, they can easily escape the boat. If they are showing strong interest in the water sport, treat them to some quality kit; take a look at the paddle accessories and kayak paddles for sale we have available. Having the right equipment can boost their interest and enthusiasm.

Do They Need Tuition?

If you want your kids to join you on the water or if the whole family are beginner kayakers, a few classes is a good idea. There are loads of skills to learn and learning from a qualified instructor is the best and quickest way to take on new techniques. Several canoe and kayak clubs around the country offer beginner lessons, just find out where the nearest club is to you, and let your kids learn to kayak without interference from you.

Where’s the Best Location?

When choosing the location for kayaking with your children, choose carefully. You might be confident for locations that have some white water but forcing your child to tackle it could end up with them never wanting to near a kayak again. As mentioned above, start on flat water places like canals and sheltered lakes to build up their confidence before choosing a location that offers a few challenges.

When to go kayaking?

Early morning kayak sessions might be the best time to avoid other paddlers, but children and teenagers aren’t big fans of early starts. Aim for afternoons when kayaking with your kids, as dinner can be used as something to look forward to. Summer is the best time of year for water sports in the UK as the weather and water are warmer, plus the school holidays means children have more time for kayaking. Keep an eye on the forecast though, as it can change quickly and kayaking when raining is not much fun for beginner paddlers.

How Can I Keep it Fun?

Once you have got your child paddling, the next step is to keep it fun which encourages them to keep it up! Go for shorter sessions on the water, so they are not bored and try games or competitions for when you are out on the water – as long as it is safe. If you go for a whole day out kayaking, bring refreshments so you can keep your energy up, and find quiet places to stop at where you can explore some of the areas around the water.

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