How to Correctly Store Your Paddle Board This Winter

The cold weather is well and truly here, which may lead many of you to pack away your stand-up paddleboards for the season.

If you are planning on packing away your board for a while or just looking for some advice on how to properly store it during the colder months, we have put together a guide for you below:

Where Is the Best Place to Store My Board?

You can pretty much store your board anywhere you have space for it, whether that be the house, garage or shed. However, insulated areas are the best places to store your board as there won’t be dramatic variations in temperature. The constant heating and cooling can cause damage to your board and will be a nasty surprise when you come to dig it out again.

It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t store your board next to your boiler or other areas that will get very hot, as the heat can de-laminate your board.

Should My Board Be Stored Inside or Outside My Bag?

Once again, this is your choice. Storing your hard paddleboard in your day bag will not affect its integrity. Storing inflatable paddleboards in a bag can cause creases because it will be rolled up in a bag for an extended period of time. However, once the board has been inflated, the creases should disperse.

Even if you are storing your board in a bag, it is important that it is kept in a climate controlled area.

Will My Board Go Mouldy in Storage?

As long as your board is thoroughly dried off and all debris is removed before it is placed into storage, there shouldn’t be a reason for it to go mouldy.

Should I Store My Inflatable Paddleboard Inflated or Deflated?

It doesn’t make any difference whether you store your inflatable stand-up paddleboard inflated or deflated, just so long as you have the space for it. If you do decide to keep it inflated, it is recommended that you release a few PSI just in case the area you are storing the board becomes too warm. Too much warmth can potentially damage the seals of the board.

Should I Leave My Board’s Removable Fins on When Storing It?

It is recommended that you remove your board’s removable fins if you are planning on keeping your board in storage for an extended period of time.

These are the best ways for ensuring your paddleboard remains in top condition while in storage, extending its life for as long as possible. But if it is time for a new board, why not check out our range of SUP’s? With a number of new models available for 2018, we are sure you will find a board to suit your needs.

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