What are the Health and Fitness Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

The popularity of stand up paddle boarding continues to grow each year, with more people exploring the sport for both recreational and fitness reasons.


But what are the benefits of taking part in stand up paddle boarding? We have taken a look at some of the ways taking part in the sport can benefit you below:

It’s Low Impact

One great benefit of SUP is that it is a very low impact exercise, which means it puts much less of a strain on your ligaments or tendons. Because of this, SUP is very useful in rehabilitation for sportspeople who have experienced a form of impact injury, such as a runner who is experiencing shin splints. It offers a great cardiovascular and muscular workout whilst relieving joint pressure.

Improves Balance

Balance is very important for a number of sports, and SUP will most definitely improve your balance. When you first start off in the sport, trying to stand up on inflatable SUP boards can be quite tricky, meaning you are more than likely to fall off! But with perseverance in the sport, your sense of balance and your core strength will vastly improve, helping you to stay upright. This improve sense of balance will then aid you in any other sports you might take part in.


Your fitness will greatly improve when you staking part in SUP, and many who do notice these results very quickly. This is due to the fact you are cross-training when you perform the sport, since it uses nearly every muscle in the body and is a simultaneous form of strength and aerobic training.

Health Benefits

There are also numerous health benefits you will experience when you take part in SUP. As we have mentioned above, the low impact means you are less likely to sustain an injury, which is always a positive!

The cardiovascular benefits are also excellent, as you will be able to improve your levels of cardio fitness quite quickly as you take part in the sport. This helps to build a healthy heart, which reduces your risk of heart attacks and strokes, for example.

This cardio workout will also mean you are burning a lot of calories, which leads to weight loss. This weight loss will reduce the risk of the adverse conditions associated with being overweight, such as diabetes and joint problems.

SUP is also extremely relaxing (especially on still water with beautiful surroundings), which makes it a great form of stress release. Stress has many negative effects on the body, but when you are paddling and your mind and body are relaxed into a rhythm, all of your troubles just seem to disappear!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of paddleboards, get out onto the water and try it for yourself.

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