Hawaiian tackles perfect waves on his SUP

SUP boards are the perfect tool to explore calm waters and nature, but these videos show why you should buy SUP’s from Canoe and Kayak Direct and catch some waves for the ultimate high whilst also providing a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy.



The best way to start surfing waves on an SUP is to head out when the waves are rolling in the 1-2 foot range with an offshore wind.

This gives you the perfect platform to make the transition from using your SUP in flat conditions to the ocean swells in the smoothest way possible.

It will seem hard at first, but nothing quite beats the thrill of riding a wave for the first time no matter what size the waves are!

Speaking of wave size, Keali’I Mamala is a guy who prefers the big stuff, having been dominated for many big wave awards over the years, he is regularly seen at the biggest surf sessions in Hawaii and Teahupoo.

It’s here surfers test their skills against some of the most dangerous waves in the world, and it’s at these breaks where Keali’I opts to use his SUP rather than his short board to paddle into some beautiful waves.

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