Guide to fishing from your kayak

Those who love to fish should immediately pick up one of our kayaks and hit the open water for a fishing experience like no other.

Not only do lightweight kayaks eliminate the need for a motor boat, which is expensive, difficult to transport and give off harmful emissions, but they are also perfect for seeking out and exploring quieter and smaller locations, which are in shallower waters and narrow inlets.

By following our important tips below, you can make fishing from a kayak a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, and who knows, you may even land that PB!

  • One of the most important canoe fishing tips is to bring a friend with you. Not only will this allow you to both take turns paddling and fishing. But more importantly, if any problems arise, such as trying to paddle against strong currents, you will have someone to share the load.
  • Always wear a life jacket, even if the waters look calm or you’re being accompanied by a first-timer, you should always be wearing a correct fitting PFD.
  • Stay centred in the kayak to avoid tipping. Not only is this essential for paddling but is especially important to remember when casting, fighting, or reeling in a fish.
  • Streamline your equipment by keeping your gear minimal and simple, pack only the tackle and gear that you know you’ll use.
  • Use waterproof dry bags or gear cases and secure any canoe fishing gear that you aren’t using. This ensures, that if you do tip over, your stuff will stay dry and nothing will sink to the bottom of the lake or river you are fishing in.
  • When fishing in calm, clear and shallow waters, try and approach them in your kayak as quietly as possible to avoid scaring off your potential catch. It’s also beneficial to avoid hitting the side of your canoe with your paddle or making any other loud noises.
  • Avoid fishing in strong currents.
  • When you find the ideal location, remember to cast your line close to any structure or vegetation for your best chance at catching that prized fish!



Watch the video below for further handy tips from guys in the know!

Video courtesy of OutdoorsFIRST Media/Youtube

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