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Extreme kayaker takes big plunge for PlayStation

Extreme kayaker Pedro Oliva has taken a big plunge for PlayStation, marking the release of the game ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ and made his own uncharted adventure. Oliva opted to run the 82-feet-high Juruena Falls in the Amazon rainforest, a challenge he had previously walked away from.



‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ is the latest instalment of the action-adventure gaming franchise where the protagonist is a treasure hunter, who journeys through cities, mountains and jungles on his mission. The jungle landscapes in the game bear a similar resemblance to Juruena Falls and the surrounding landscapes.

About the challenge, Oliva said: “My goal here was to face my fears. I’ve been chasing this a really long time. For me, it’s the most powerful waterfall in my life. The waterfall is similar to the scenery in Uncharted 4. You have two waterfalls, a rock in the middle, the birds, the blue sky, the wind, the sun and all this combination is unique.”

His support team was watching as Oliva first threw a plastic barrel with a GPS system inside, down the falls to understand the flow and assess his line, before taking his own plunge over the falls.

Oliva said the impact of the water was so strong he thought he lost his hearing as he was submerged for 10 seconds. His kayak flipped several times before the drop and water’s power ejected him. He said, “The water took me from my kayak like a doll.” After being forced under the water – away from his kayak – he emerged to the surface.

Oliva has paddled along some of the fiercest rivers and waterfalls, and has previously descended the 127-foot falls of Salto Belo in Brazil.

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Photo by: Reinhard Jahn

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