Epic documentary trailer for Chris Bertish’s unbelievable Atlantic crossing

Chris Bertish completed his epic trans-Atlantic journey earlier this month, and now the trailer for the documentary detailing his journey has been released, giving us a glimpse into the mind of the man who carried out this incredible feat and all the mental and physical training that was involved.

Covering 4,050 miles is an incredible feat of human endeavour, with the trailer to ‘Chasing The Sun’ giving us a sneak peak of the unrivalled access that will be shown in the full-length feature.

The trailer, released on Chris Bertish’s official YouTube channel was accompanied with the following synopsis:

“Chris Bertish’s expedition has grabbed hearts and minds of people around the world. Inspiring them by taking millions with him on this epic journey through his powerful, positive and riveting Captain’s Logs journal posts.

This is an epic story like no other, and the film is going to be spectacular… Chris and his small team have been working on shooting the film for almost a year already.

Besides Chris’s writing of his weekly Captains Logs, on this epic journey, Chris has also been doing a daily video log and filming and saving the footage, the entire journey, while paddling across the ocean, over and above everything else!

It’s with unwavering courage and an unshakeable will to succeed against all odds and his immense sense of passion for his purpose, to make a positive impact on the world which keeps Chris going, against all odds, no matter what.

Every day, he faces new choices, obstacles, challenges and life-threatening situations, alone out there on the Atlantic, as he becomes the first person on the planet to Stand Up Paddles across the Atlantic Ocean, over 4050miles/7500km, from Morocco to the Caribbean, completely unsupported and unassisted!

Driven only by passion and powered by a purpose greater than himself, to change the world by leaving a positive, self-sustaining charitable impact and legacy on the world!

If he gets it right, he will of achieved the impossible and rewritten history, inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world and changed the lives of millions and generations to follow!

If he gets it wrong, he will not survive.

Find out how one man, with one mission, one vision, was prepared to put it all on the line.. To sacrifice it all, whatever it would take, to stand up paddle across the Atlantic Ocean for Charity.

Paddling the equivalent of a marathon a day, for over 90 days straight, to inspire the world and redefine Possible!

The world needs a hero right now & this is that story!”

Watch the trailer below courtesy of Chris Bertish:

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