Domino’s Pizza are set to deliver their food in a unique way… via canoe!

In a rather bizarre but brilliant move, Domino’s Pizza has announced plans to deliver their food to customers by canoe!



The pizzas will be delivered in boxes that can float and are accompanied by a buoy to prevent the pizza from sinking. Each order will be delivered by (a rather excellently named) pizza “buoy” who will be wearing a full wetsuit.

However, we won’t be seeing these rolled out over the country just yet, with the unusual delivery method currently only being tested on the River Loose in Maidstone, Kent.

This latest move from Domino’s follows recent delivery stunts where they delivered pizza by bus, train and drone.

As part of the trial, Domino’s will make a donation to the Loose Conservation Trust which will help to preserve beautiful waterways of the village. There will also be the chance for additional funds to be raised in store.

Speaking of the trial, the store manager at Domino’s in Loose, Ilona Paozalyte, said:

“We’re really excited to be the first store in the UK tasked with providing a river service. Being in an area that is famed for its scenic waterways means the rivers are a big part of the local community so we’re glad we can extend our standard delivery methods to harness the local scenery and ensure we can deliver by land or water to pizza lovers in the area.”

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Photo courtesy of Aero777, under Creative Commons.

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