Do Something Different with SUP this Summer

The sun is out, the days are longer, and the water is warmer; perfect for getting on your inflatable SUP and having a day paddling. Summer is the perfect time to invest in one of our SUP boards for sale and doing something a little different with your board. Here are just a few alternative activities to try with your SUP board in the coming months:

Riber iSUP on bank of lake in summer

SUP Surfing

  • SUP surfing is a great starting point for surfing, and you don’t need to go on the big waves. Find a place with lots of space, quiet waves and learn how to manoeuvre out at sea. A huge draw to SUP surfing is you don’t need to worry about getting onto your feet, as you are already there!


SUP Snorkelling

  • If you aren’t comfortable with getting completely into the water for snorkelling, lying on your SUP board with a snorkel and mask is an ideal place to begin your love for snorkelling. It is great fun, and keeping your body out of the water is a much warmer option for the UK! On a day with calm waters and clear visibility, you’ll be amazed at the creatures you can spot.


Watch the Sunset

  • Go with friends for an after work or evening paddle and watch the sunset over the river, lake or sea you are paddling on. You can’t beat the experience of being out on the water watching the sun drop slowly down over the horizon. Couple it with a few drinks – responsibly, of course! – and it is an evening you will never forget.


One Way Paddle Adventure

  • The long, hot summer the UK is facing is perfect for making longer SUP journeys. Choose a route you haven’t travelled much or a completely new one and go on a mini adventure with friends, getting to beaches that are only accessible by sea or finding hidden gems along a river. Make it a day trip and take a picnic, or camp overnight. Going one way means you can go further and see a lot more, and with an inflatable SUP, you can simply deflate it back for the return journey via public transport.


Family SUP

  • Why not introduce your family to your new hobby this summer? SUP is a sport accessible to everyone, young and old, and you can even go for a multi-person iSUP board that can fit the whole family on! No doubt you will be making everyone fall in love with stand up paddleboarding by the time September rolls around!

Dog-Friendly SUP

  • You don’t even to stop at human family members, and get your dog on a SUP board too! Having your dog with you is a lot of fun, especially if they are a dog who loves the water, and will also help to test your balance. Make sure your dog is comfortable with the board before taking them on it; practice standing, sitting and paddling. Try encouraging and rewarding them with treats too.

SUP Event

  • Meet other SUP fanatics at a SUP event. There are several clubs around the country, and loads of events to join in with, from charity paddles, river and beach litter clean-ups, festivals, guided challenges, competitions, races and much more. SUP events are brilliant ways to meet fellow paddlers, learn new techniques, find out about must-have accessories or discover new SUP spots.

City SUP

  • Why not see the sights of a city from a different angle this summer? Cities with canals are the best places to go for, though check their water usage rules first, as canals are smoother rides for SUP, though can be busier with other water vessels.

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