Daredevil tandem kayakers hit up a storm drain

A pair of adrenaline seeking kayakers have headed back to a storm drain to tandem kayak the seemingly never ending downhill slide, while we don’t recommend using any of the canoes and kayaks we have for sale to try this yourself, we can’t deny it looks like a whole lot of fun!

Well known kayakers Rush Sturges and Ben Marr are no strangers to tackling storm drains in kayaks. They had previously tackled the concrete slide back in 2014, with the video soon going viral, amassing an incredible 2.6 million views of the adrenaline seeking duo hurtling at 45mph in Lions Bay, British Columbia.

Press play below to see the original run and see why Rush muttered the words “This is sketch. I don’t like this at all.”

As soon as they hit the flat water they were already planning the next run and how they could better it, which of course meant going higher.

So, they returned last summer and “oh god, I really hope this isn’t a bad idea,” can be heard from the top of the storm drain before they unfasten the clip holding them both in place.

Using their paddles to keep them in the centre and deflect any branches that are hurtling at their faces as well as ducking obstacles the duo seem to smash the speeds they reached on the previous run.

It sure is a novel way to get your kicks and one that we will be firmly leaving with them, watch the heart stopping action below:

We have a fantastic collection of canoes and kayaks for sale, which are perfect for getting out in nature this Spring, whilst we don’t advise heading to a storm drain, they are ideal for trips along canals, rivers, lakes and the ocean.

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