Chris Bertish breaks record on his transatlantic SUP crossing

Chris Bertish is currently 11 days into his transatlantic solo stand up paddleboard crossing, where he is attempting to paddleboard from Morocco to Florida, USA.



This mammoth feat requires him to paddle for around 12-14 hours a day on his specially-built SUP board, adjusting his course to avoid bad weather and raise money for a worthy cause.

And as if that isn’t enough, Bertish has revealed he has broken a record on his journey already, which was previously held by Bart de Zwart.

The journey

As we mentioned, Bertish started his solo paddleboard crossing 11 days ago, when he left the North African coast of Morocco to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone and unassisted. His target destination is the coast of Florida, which is some 4,200 (give or take a few hundred) miles later.

As a full-time waterman and experienced traveller, Bertish will have a very good chance of succeeding where others have previously failed and could well become the first person to ever make the crossing on a paddleboard.

But it will not be easy. Day 9 saw Bertish head for the Canary Islands to avoid a storm that was heading his way. He won’t be leaving the water, but may possibly drop anchor on his craft to weather out the storm for a few days.

It was on the same day that he found out he had broken de Zwart’s world record for the longest solo unsupported open ocean trip, paddling an incredible 193 miles. Speaking about the achievement in his Captain’s Log, Bertish said: “Bart is a legend and inspiration to so many. I’m stoked to be able to take over the baton from him and push the sport even further.”

Continuing on from his message, Bertish gave an update about how he’s getting on personally, saying:

“It’s been a tough week. Getting this far across a lot of wind and against some strong current… Paddling 10-14 [hours] a day takes some getting used to. The first three days, your body really takes strain and then sort of just adjusts to it. Amazing.”

All for a good cause

Bertish’s tenacity to make a difference to the lives of South African children is what is really impressive. With the money raised by his journey, titled #theSupCrossing, he hopes to donate over one million dollars to charities aiding South African children, which will help with cleft palates, providing food and water, and the building of schools.

We wish Chris the best of luck as he continues his journey, and if you would like to make a donation to the cause, you can do so at the following link:

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