Chris Bertish is attempting a transatlantic crossing on an SUP

South African Chris Bertish is gearing up for something pretty special, as he aims to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a stand up paddleboard.



The big-wave surfer and general all-round waterman will be the latest paddler to attempt an unassisted transatlantic SUP crossing. His journey will begin in Morocco, with the goal of reaching Florida. His journey will include stops in the Canary and Caribbean Islands.

In total, Bertish plans to paddle 4,500 miles in 120 days. This is not the first time that someone has attempted crossing the Atlantic using an SUP. Earlier this year, Frenchman Nicolas Jarossay started his journey from Cape Verde in Africa with the goal of reaching the Caribbean island of Martinique.

However, his prototype SUP flipped over less than 24 hours into his journey and he was unable to continue his journey.

Luckily, Bertish has been planning this journey for quite a while – five long years, no less! You can see what Bertish has to say about the crossing attempt for himself in the video below, and how his journey will be helping charities along the way.

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