Charlie Head to continue exploring England and Wales by SUP

On the 27th June 2016, Charlie Head left London with only his paddleboard, some emergency supplies and a tent in an attempt to travel the coast of England and Wales via stand up paddleboard.



He previously completed the 1000km Land’s End to London leg of the journey in 2012, and is now ready to explore the rest of the coast.

His trip will take between three and four months to complete, depending on the conditions he encounters. This journey will be extremely challenging for Charlie, testing both his physical and mental endurance.

As he is only travelling with limited food supplies and no money, he will have to ‘SUP for his supper’. This means he will be relying on the generosity of the public and those following his journey to pay for his meals and keep him suitably fuelled for his journey.

But Charlie isn’t just completing this journey for the sake of it. A huge part of his journey around England and Wales is to raise awareness of the effect that plastic is having on the ocean environment. During many of his stops, Charlie will take part in beach cleans and is encouraging local communities to join him.

To learn more about ocean plastics, you can visit Plastic Oceans at If you are inspired by Charlie’s journey, why not take a look at our SUP boards for sale and head out on the water yourself?

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