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Daredevil tandem kayakers hit up a storm drain

A pair of adrenaline seeking kayakers have headed back to a storm drain to tandem kayak the seemingly never ending downhill slide, while we don’t recommend using any of the canoes and kayaks we have for sale to try this yourself, we can’t deny it looks like a whole lot of fun! Well known kayakers Rush…

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Chris Bertish completes his record breaking transatlantic voyage

  South African sailor and big wave surfer Chris Bertish has completed his record-breaking transatlantic voyage in his SUP after arriving in Antigua yesterday. Using a £100,000 custom made and watertight SUP constructed by leading naval architect Phil Morrison, Chris paddled an estimated two million strokes, averaging 44 miles a day on the astonishing 4,050-mile…

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World’s best SUP and paddleboarders head to Fiji

The 2016 Fiji ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship kicked off over the weekend in the South Pacific, where events started on the 12th November, and will run until the 18th.     The fifth edition of the event organised by the International Surfing Association (ISA) will crown champions in six divisions across various locations,…

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Watch kayakers play extreme rock-paper-scissors

It’s pretty well known that rock-paper-scissors is the best way to settle something important, such as who gets to eat the last biscuit or whose turn it is to cook dinner.     But for extreme kayakers Nouria Newman and Dane Jackson, losing at rock-paper-scissors results in a bit more of an extreme consequence than…

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Connor Baxter wins the Red Bull Heavy Water SUP race

The strong currents, multiple obstacles and unpredictable swells has made the Red Bull Heavy Water event one of the most gruelling races in stand-up paddling.   Taking place in San Francisco, California, the best SUP athletes in the world faced waves reaching 10-plus feet on a course which stretched over seven miles. The course started…

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Be a part of I Am Team GB this bank holiday weekend

With the Olympics now over, the Team GB athletes who have dedicated their lives to training and competing in the events, will hop about flights from Rio to London to return with their faces full of glory.     As they return home however, their journey is not yet over, as they prepare to take…

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Record amount of women competing in the Olympic games

This year sees record numbers of women competing in the Olympic Games in Rio, with the Australian majority being made up of females!     The sporting world has long been dominated by men, however the tables are now turning and the Olympics is seeing a stronger 50/50 divide between the genders. This is prevalent…

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Video shows pro kayaker swapping water for sand

When Red Bull were looking for a surprising place to send 22-year-old kayaker Eric Walter to test his kayaking ability, he probably wasn’t expecting to end up in the middle of a desert in Namibia…     The German rider is used to dropping off some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, but ended…

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