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Best Places for Sea Kayaking in Britain

Person kayaking in Anglesey

There is no better way to explore the dramatic and beautiful coastline of Britain than from the water. A kayak trip along the coast makes for an amazing adventure and gives you a totally different perspective of the coast than what you are used to seeing. You can find secret beaches, hidden caves, and enjoy…

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Top Tips for Beginner Kayakers

two beginner kayakers

Kayaking is a sport that is relatively easy to pick up, and you can be paddling happily within an hour. The spring and summer months are the perfect time to get out and about on one of our kayaks for sale and enjoy the many and wonderful UK kayak spots with your friends and family. Before going to one…

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River race organised to help protect local environment

Across the pond in America people recently lined up along Highway 148 overlooking the Chickasawhay River in Shubuta, Mississippi to show support for, and cheer on kayakers and canoers as they participated in the annual Great Chickasawhay River Race. Locals claim that the event is a wonderful way to highlight how appealing the area is,…

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The Best Apps Kayakers Need to Download

We are told almost daily that technology is ruining our lives, but what the media neglects to let us know is how technology has made the outdoors more accessible. You no longer need to know how to use a map and compass for a quick hike, and there are even safety apps that sound an…

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Scientists Create Kayaks That Turn Underwater Data into Music

British scientists have fitted a number of kayaks with sensors which can pick up environmental data and turn it into music for the paddler to enjoy. Known as the Sonic Kayak, it records GPS locations, temperature and underwater noise, which it then turns into a soundtrack for the ride.   The kayaks began life as…

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Safe Kayaking and Canoeing: Top Tips for Planning Your Trips

If you’re planning on taking a kayaking or canoeing trip, especially in the winter weather, making sure you are prepared is of utmost importance. You may be itching to get out onto the water and start having fun but preparing for your trip will ensure you avoid any hazardous instances and allows your day to…

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When Should I Replace My Old PFD?

   For those who don’t know, PFD is the abbreviation for Personal Flotation Device, which is the technical term for a lifejacket. This is a common addition to the safety kit seen being worn by canoers who frequently spend time on the water. If you are a keen water sports enthusiast, we have a question;…

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6 Tips For The Fair Weather Or Iced In Paddler

As winter draws in and the air and water gets chilly, some of us might experience the winter blues, with some rivers and lakes even freezing up, it may seem hard to work out a way to spend those weekends without a paddle. Here are some ideas for those of you who are frozen up…

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6 Top Tips to Help Keep You Safe While Kayaking

Kayaking can be as safe as you make it. If you’re heading out on a kayaking trip, it is entirely possible to have an awesome dry time, all day long. However, as with any sport, it is important to spend some time thinking about and preparing for some of the dangers encountered when kayaking. Perceived…

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How Do I Start Out Kayaking?

With autumn and winter coming in, it might be a good time pick up a new sport to keep warm and fit throughout. For those of you who haven’t kayaked before we hope to dispense some knowledge for you to start kayaking. Kayaks are a fantastic way to begin to explore the water; you could be…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Kayaking

The stressful lives that we live nowadays can take its toll on both our brains and bodies. One way to shut yourself off from this is to spend time in nature, where you can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Kayaking is a great way of being able to get out into nature and enjoy…

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