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‘The Piece Prize’ sees Mark Fuhrmann kayak from Norway to Greece

Mark Fuhrmann is currently paddling a 3,480-mile solo kayak trip from Oslo in Norway to Athens in Greece, which will inspire you to buy a kayak from us and head out on your own adventure, albeit a much shorter one! Mark has dubbed it “The Silent Heroes Tour,” and is doing the journey to promote peacefulness, let’s…

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Hawaiian Hokule’a canoe completes trip around the world

A traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe called Hokule’a has finally come ashore, completing the first-ever around the world trip by a watercraft of its kind. While we recommend not to try a similar journey in our canoes for sale, it’s an incredible achievement, showing just what humans are capable of after the vessel reached the Hawaiian island…

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Daredevil tandem kayakers hit up a storm drain

A pair of adrenaline seeking kayakers have headed back to a storm drain to tandem kayak the seemingly never ending downhill slide, while we don’t recommend using any of the canoes and kayaks we have for sale to try this yourself, we can’t deny it looks like a whole lot of fun! Well known kayakers Rush…

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Chris Bertish completes his record breaking transatlantic voyage

  South African sailor and big wave surfer Chris Bertish has completed his record-breaking transatlantic voyage in his SUP after arriving in Antigua yesterday. Using a £100,000 custom made and watertight SUP constructed by leading naval architect Phil Morrison, Chris paddled an estimated two million strokes, averaging 44 miles a day on the astonishing 4,050-mile…

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SUP riders take on Lake Superior

So if you’ve bought one of the best inflatable SUP boards from us but the chilly temperatures are making it hard for you to find the willpower to get in the water, worry not, this article will provide you with the motivation to get out and about on your SUP. We recently published an article on how…

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Chris Bertish breaks record on his transatlantic SUP crossing

Chris Bertish is currently 11 days into his transatlantic solo stand up paddleboard crossing, where he is attempting to paddleboard from Morocco to Florida, USA.     This mammoth feat requires him to paddle for around 12-14 hours a day on his specially-built SUP board, adjusting his course to avoid bad weather and raise money for…

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12-year-old girl paddleboards on world’s highest lake

A 12-year-old girl from New Zealand has broken a world record after she successfully paddled on the world’s highest lake in the Himalayas.     Accompanied by her father, pilot and part-time adventurer Mike Allsop, Maya pushed her stand up paddle board onto the water of Lake Pumori, before delicately kneeling on the board and…

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Thomas Oschwald to paddle over 300 miles on SUP

Next month, Thomas Oschwald will begin a rather incredible SUP journey, where he will paddle unsupported for 310 miles, in the middle of winter… In Norway!     Travelling from Tromsø to Nordkapp, his journey will take him around two weeks as he paddles through the Norwegian fjords. Currently a teacher, Thomas is set to…

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Watch kayakers play extreme rock-paper-scissors

It’s pretty well known that rock-paper-scissors is the best way to settle something important, such as who gets to eat the last biscuit or whose turn it is to cook dinner.     But for extreme kayakers Nouria Newman and Dane Jackson, losing at rock-paper-scissors results in a bit more of an extreme consequence than…

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Laird Hamilton shows what can be done on an SUP

  Legendary waterman Laird Hamilton is one of the world’s best SUP riders. In this video, he shows what tricks can be pulled off on boards like the inflatable SUP boards at Canoe and Kayak direct. Laird was one of the first people to start riding a stand up paddle board after he was teaching his…

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