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5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To SUP!

Stand up paddle boarding is an incredibly fun sport for all the family to enjoy. But how can you encourage your kids to join you out on the water? In our experience, children tend to take to water sports very quickly and all they need is a bit of guidance, praise and fun splashed in…

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All You Need to Know About Canoe Clubs

Two people in a canoe part of a club

Canoe clubs are often seen as being at the heart of British canoeing, and with clubs throughout the country offering a safe and fun way to enjoy the sport, it makes sense to join your local canoe club! If you have bought one of our canoes for sale, have taken it out in the water a…

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The Best Apps Kayakers Need to Download

We are told almost daily that technology is ruining our lives, but what the media neglects to let us know is how technology has made the outdoors more accessible. You no longer need to know how to use a map and compass for a quick hike, and there are even safety apps that sound an…

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What Canoeing Can Teach Us About Personal Well-Being

Some canoers dive down massive waterfalls; others commit to fast white water or spend multi-days touring and camping down along rivers, lakes, or just enjoy general weekend recreation. Floating around on a sunny Sunday afternoon offers a lot more than just a relaxing way to get out the office. Here is a list of lessons…

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4 Paddle-Improving Exercises for Canoeing

As a canoeer, you will know how important it is to have a strong core; it is the central power system that connects and supports the upper and lower body parts that propel the canoe and keep it stabilised. With proper posture, the core muscles, abdominals, hips and back will provide all the power and…

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Five ways canoeing is great for building core strength

Canoeing is a great sport for all-round fitness, but did you know it is particularly good for your abs? We have looked at five ways they are good for improving your core strength, as well as three exercises you can try for yourself to achieve your six pack. ​ As canoeing involves a lot of…

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6 Worldwide Kayak Holiday Locations to Add to Your Bucket List

Our planet is home to some unbelievable places to explore, and with so many options there is always a destination to suit all preferences, from spotting exotic and majestic wildlife in the tropics to gazing up at the awe-inspiring Northern Lights as you navigate your kayak around inlets and coves. The world is so full of…

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Shoulder and back strengthening exercises for paddlers

Paddling can take its toll on the shoulders and back with the repetitive nature of the sport leading to strain on joints and tendons, while bracing and rolling can cause some more serious shoulder and back injuries, or even dislocation. For those wondering to themselves “what are the best back and shoulder exercises for strengthening…

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Where can you canoe in the UK?

For those who have picked up one of our canoes for sale and are wondering “where in the UK can I canoe?”, you’re in luck, as the UK has thousands of miles of rivers, canals and coastline. A canoe is the best possible way to explore the beautiful sights, landscapes and wildlife that this fantastic island offers.…

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The anatomy of a canoe

Whether you are a pro on the water or have just picked up one of our open canoes for sale, knowing the correct names and parts of your canoe will give you that extra knowledge as a paddler. This can be a valuable insight when you go to upgrade your gear as well as providing the…

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British university students complete gruelling Caribbean adventure

Two British university completed a trans-Caribbean kayak journey with only a small amount of paddling experience between them, giving you no excuse to not pick up one of our 2 seater kayaks for sale and hitting the water with a friend for your own expedition! We’ve previously mentioned the pair as they set out on their journey, following…

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