The Canoe is a must watch for any canoe and kayak enthusiast

It’s Friday and that means the weekend is here, watch this video to inspire you to grab one of our sit on kayaks for sale and hit the water this weekend.

The film by Goh Iromoto is a visual treat in this day and age where the most popular videos online have to be available within an Instagram time limit that caters to those with short attention spans.

This documentary plays out for twenty-six minutes and we wish it would double that time at least as it’s full of breath-taking cinematography and shows a detailed look at how the canoe connects people together, as well as people to Mother Nature.

Whether you’re watching it with your morning coffee, on your lunch break or pre-paddle session, this film will inspire you to seek out your own adventures and make your own relationships with new people and the environment around you.

A word from the director:

“This film captures the human connection and bond created by Canada’s well-known craft & symbol, the canoe. Through the stories of five paddlers across the province of Ontario, Canada – a majestic background both in its landscape & history – the film underscores the strength of the human spirit and how the canoe can be a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections.

“I started paddling around the age of seven, and thanks to the canoe, I’ve made some lifelong friends and connections, not to mention memories and stories, that I’ll never forget.

“I wanted to show how several other paddlers similar to me have created strong intimate connections alongside the canoe. It really gave me great joy to see how rich the mosaic of stories I encountered were. Whether they were young or old, or from various cultural backgrounds, individuals were taking the traditional Canadian vessel and seeking new meaning with it. For me, the diverse paddlers I met represented a Canada that has grown and evolved since its birth 150 years ago – and something that I was able to stand proud of today.

“I’ve continued to paddle my whole life and plan to do so for a very long time. Seeing and hearing these stories made me appreciate and realise how important the canoe is to my life. To all the paddlers out there (and to those who want to start!), this film is for you. Keep on paddling.” — Goh Iromoto

Enjoy this beautiful and inspirational video below:

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