Canadian man tries ‘cannuting’ to work

Turning the traditional work commute upside down, a man from Sudbury, Canada, swaps out his traditional bike route for a canoeing adventure to his office job.



John Hall commutes, or ‘cannutes’, the one hour journey every day from his home to work. He said the idea came to him one winter, when he was looking over Lilley Creek which is just in his back yard. The creek runs through marshes and under many major streets before hitting Ramsey Lake which is shadowed directly by John Hall’s place of work.

Although this unusual method of commuting rose many questions among his co-workers, they were already used to him turning up in outdoor clothing from his previous method of travel, the classic bicycle.

John Hall understands that this is not something that is accessible to everyone, but notes that it made him feel energised and focused for the entire day.

One-day John Hall even picked up one of his co-workers en route to join him on the journey in a carpool style, naming it ‘canoepooling’.

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Image: Momoneymoproblemz under Creative Commons

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